Portrait Photography

Portraiture is the process of portraying the visual likeness of a person or group of persons by means of photography in which facial expression and body language is predominant. The objective is to communicate across time, the personality of the subject as he or she was during a particular point in their life. A portrait is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image under conditions of controlled light. I strive to ensure every client ends up with a photograph that meets this definition of portraiture.  Check out my portrait gallery.

Life Story Videography

The Life Story Video uses documentary film techniques to produce a partial story of a person’s life – of their most important experiences and people in their lives. Every family has a history and at least one person who can tell significant portions of that story.  It may be you, or your aunt, mother, father, uncle, or grandparent.

The Life Story Video can be your own story or that of anyone, all captured and preserved for generations to come – perhaps forever. The video can be an assemblage of random recollections, or focused on a specific time of life such as school, work, struggles, war years, trips, family crises, and milestone events of any kind.  ForeverNow Video can record these stories in a professional video biography that becomes a piece of the family archive.

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